Unity Walk-Through

This guide provides instructions on using Ohio State's Unity cluster for computational economics research.

I've tried to make these instructions as complete as possible, but I can't guarantee that these steps will work in every situation.

Account creation may take a few business days, depending on IT's availability. If you ever plan on using Unity, you should do the Account Setup steps as soon as possible.

I am not an expert in the use of this system. If someone from IT or the Unity admin group tells you to do something differently, please follow their instructions.

Wherever you see name.# , be sure to replace it with your id.


  1. Software setup

  2. Account setup

  3. Connection setup (first time only)

  4. Uploading files to Unity

  5. Creating and submitting work with Slurm

  6. Accessing results

  7. Misc links

If you have questions, please email me at carter dot 1537 at osu dot edu