Connection setup (Windows)

These are tasks you will only have to do once - usually saving login setups.

Mac users: Follow similar instructions found on OSU's support page: "Remote SSH Access to ASC Services (SSH Jump Host)"

Unity connection via Jump setup

  • Open PuTTY

  • In the Host Name box, enter:

    • Port 22 (which is the default)

  • In the saved sessions box, enter: OSU_Jump

  • Click “Save”

File transfer with WinSCP setup

  • Open WinSCP

  • Host name:

  • Port 22

  • Enter your user name (which is your name.# )

  • Click Advanced > Advanced

    • Go to Connection > Tunnel

    • Check Connect through SSH tunnel

    • Host name:

    • Port 22

    • User name: name.#

  • Click Save and name the configuration, “ Unity