Uploading files to Unity (Windows)

In order to run your program, you have to give Unity files to work with. These may be Fortran code files, parameter specifications, makefile commands, or Slurm scripts.

Mac users: Follow similar instructions found on OSU's support page: "Remote SSH Access to ASC Services (SSH Jump Host)"

Upload Steps

  1. Open WinSCP

  2. Double click the session you saved (probably called “ Unity ”)

  3. You can see your files on the left side of the screen and Unity files on the right hand side

  4. Easiest way to use WinSCP is to drag and drop files from Windows Explorer to the right hand side of the WinSCP screen

    • To get files (output, logs, etc.), you simply drag from the right hand side of the WinSCP screen into a windows explorer folder of your choice