Interacting with Unity

Other than file uploads, all other interactions with Unity will be via a command line interface. These instruction tell you how to use the Jump server to connect to and interact with Unity.

Connecting to Unity (Windows)

Mac users: Follow similar instructions found on OSU's support page: "Remote SSH Access to ASC Services (SSH Jump Host)"

  • Open PuTTY

  • Double click OSU_Jump in the saved sessions list, which is on the first screen shown when PuTTY opens

    • If you don't have OSU_Jump saved, go back to Connection setup to save the connection

  • Login your name.#

  • Enter OSU password

    • NOTE: You will not see any feedback while you type. No dots, no flashing cursor. When you press <enter>, whatever you typed will be sent as your password.

  • When prompted about 2 factor authentication/Duo, type 1 to have a Duo push verify your login

  • When you’re successfully logged in, the prompt should look like:

    • [name.#@jump !]$

    • If you see the prompt above, you’re good to continue

  • Type: ssh

    • Be sure to replace name.#

    • You can see that you are logged in to Unity if your prompt changes to:

      • [name.#@unity-login1 ~]$

Interacting with Unity